What is World Builder?

World Builder

From concept to gaming table with ease. It's never been easier to
create a complete world for your RPG setting.


With World Builder™, it’s now easier than ever to create and manage your setting. Data is kept grouped in six different record types, keeping things organized and easy to update. And, if your players have their characters in The City of Brass, you’re well on your way to getting them to actually pay attention to all your hard work. 

Record Types



Using data relationships, World Builder™ easily interconnects your setting in ways not possible before, and, as you update your records, all those linked pages are updated automatically. 

Child Records are used to create direct relationships, such as those between a nation and its capitol city. 

Tags are used to create indirect relationships, such as those between a nation and its king. 



With a crisp, clean design, your pages enjoy an elegant and professional look. And our stock art library – included at no additional cost to you – gives you access to hundreds of amazing pictures that will make your already awesome world that much cooler.

Our stock library includes more than 100 pictures, with new artwork added regularly. In the library you’ll find characters, monsters, fantastic locales, symbols, and more. And everything is free for your use on any of your The City of Brass pages! 

More great World Builder™ features include: 

Customized Menus.

Our Menu Builder allows you to quickly and
easily setup customized navigation for your
world. You can even link to pages outside
of The City of Brass if you want to.


Do your players collaborate on setting
design? Or maybe you just need a good
editor. World Builder™ makes it simple
through Collaboration.


You decide who can see your world –
choosing from nobody (except you of
course), your Affiliates, any The City of Brass
subscribers, or the general public.


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