FAQ - Account

Help! When I try to create a Free Account, it tells me that my email address is already in use.

Any email address can be associated only with a single City of Brass account. This means that if you have ever created an account using your email address, and try to create a new one, the system will reject your email and you will be unable to create a new account. 

To reuse an email address, you have three options:

  1. Upgrade your old account to a Premium Account. This allows you to retain access to your account and any content you created on that account.
  2. Login to your old account and change the email address from your Account Setting page.
  3. Ask for help using our Symposium Support Forum. We will be glad to change the email address on your old account. When we do this, it removes the old account permanently, and any content you created using that account is lost forever. 


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