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What are Caster Levels?

Caster Levels are used with Known Spells to record the spells your character can cast, how many spells you can cast, and how difficult they are to resist. 

  • Your character must have at least one Class Level to use Caster Levels 
  • Each level of spells your character can cast is added as a separate Caster Level

Setting up your Caster Levels

A Caster Level consists of several elements: 

  • Caster Class is required and is pulled from the Class Levels you should already have specified. It will be used to group your spells when they are displayed on your Sheet and Profile.
  • Level indicates spell's level and is also used for grouping spells.
  • Base DC specifies the starting point of the Difficulty Chance to resist your spell. If the game you're playing doesn't have DCs, just ignore this field.
  • Proficiency is a flag that, if checked, causes the Proficiency bonus you specified in Base Values to be added to your Calculated Save DC.
  • Per Day and Bonus Per Day work together to determine how often your Entity can use spells of this level. When displayed on your Sheet, these fields will be added together. 
  • Ability Score associates one of your previously specified Ability Scores to the spell, this is used by Calculated Save DC.
  • Calculated Save DC adds together Base DC + any modifier associated with your specified Ability Score + your Proficiency bonus to determine the actual Save DC that will be displayed on your Sheet


  • On your Sheet, the spell Level, spells Per-Day, and Calculated Save DC are displayed, grouped by the associated Class Levels. 

  • On the Profile, spells are grouped by Level and the associated Class Levels. 


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