FAQ - Entity Builder

What are Descriptors?


  • Form your character's public profile
  • Capture non-mechanical aspects of your character
  • Can be used when something just doesn't fit anywhere else 

Use them for things things such as: physical characteristics (height, weight, age, gender), personality traits, temperament, quirks, or background information (homeland, history, and goals).  

Public or Private

Descriptors display on your character's Summary, giving you an easy way to share information with others about your character (or monster, NPC, etc.).

You control visibility to the Summary using your character's Summary Privacy setting. If this is set to Residents, for example, anyone with a City of Brass account can see your Summary, and your character's Descriptors. 

However, if you want to keep some of the Descriptors private, just click the Private flag. Anything flagged as private follows the character's Sheet and Profile Privacy setting. This means, you can have some Descriptors that only you and your GM can see, while others are open to anyone. 

Functional Descriptors

The following Descriptors have system functionality associated with them: 

  • Alignment: Displayed as a Label on the Profile
  • Ancestry, Classification, Race or Species: Displayed as a Label on the Profile. 
  • Size: Displayed as a Label on the Profile


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