FAQ - Using City of Brass

How do I create a Menu?

Follow these simple steps to create your menu: 

  1. Create the page you will link to your menu, just as you do any other pages. 
  2. Enter Menu Builder by selecting District Menu or Adventure Menu from your Administrator Links
  3. Inside Menu Builder, click the  icon to create a new Menu entry
  4. Specify the text to appear on the menu in the Label field 
  5. For linking to The City of Brass pages:
    • click the icon to open the link-building Wizard 
    • browse to the page and select OK
  6. For linking outside The City of Brass: 
    • key the URL in the Link field
  7. Click Save

And that's it, you've created your first menu! 

Menu Builder Elements

  1. Label: The text specified in this textbox shows up as the link in the menu.
  2. Wizard: Use the wizard to browse to your The City of Brass pages. 
  3. Link: The web page URL that will be opened when the link is clicked is displayed here. 
  4. Menu Items: Previously created menu items appear here. Drag them around to change ordering. 


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