What is City of Brass

The City of Brass is a web application that has been designed to supplement your favorite tabletop RPG. In City of Brass you will find systems to help run and play tabletop games. What you will not find is rules. Think of City of Brass as a replacement for all the paper you might need at the gaming table. 

For Players

Using Entity Builder, you can create characters for any game system and have them always available via any device of your choosing. You never have to worry about leaving your character sheet at home, or losing it for that matter. Just login and all your characters are there waiting for you. 

And City of Brass grows with you. The first time you enter a new character, you'll begin creating your library of custom content. Whether it's "book" content or "house rules" created by your Game Master, you only need to enter the data once, and then it's available for all your characters.

For Game Masters

Game Masters will find everything needed to build complex, interlinked game worlds and adventures using our World Builder and Story Builder systems.

With just a few clicks you can get started on your game world, and the system is so easy to use you can literally build out your gaming world while sitting at the table with your players playing the game! Never forget the name of that tavern in that little town, just add a new town and tavern into World Builder and it will be there waiting the next time your players visit. 

Story Builder is where you go to put together an adventure for your players. Build your scenes, toss in some player handouts, bring in your images, and have it all ready and waiting for you in City of Brass on gaming night. And since it's all in the same place as your game world, linking between the two is simple. 

And just like for Players, the system grows with you. As you enter content, be it new creatures via Entity Builder, new gear, feats, spells, or even characters, everything is there for you in the future. Imagine the raft of tools available to you after you've been using the system for a few years!

For Everyone

The City of Brass is great for Game Masters alone, and it's great for Players alone, but when you bring them together, it gets even better. Using our Campaign Manager systems, a GM can capture and store campaign information, house rules, adventure recaps... whatever you want to push out to your players. And your players character sheets are automatically brought into the system and made available to the GM. 


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