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Working with Attacks

Building Attack and Damage Rolls

  • When selected, Ability Score will automatically add the associated Ability Score Modifier to the roll. Leave blank to not apply any ability modifier to the roll. 
  • Use Misc Modifier to add a static value to the roll. 
  • Attack Dice or Damage Dice indicate what dice to roll when using this attack. See Working with Dice below for more details. 
  • The Calculated Bonus adds together everything that modifies the attack and produces a number. Generally, you should not edit this field, and must unlock it to do so. See How'd You Calculate That? below for more details.

Working with Dice

Build attack or damage rolls using dice expressions. Expressions can range from simple to complex to keywords. 

A simple dice expression is something such as:

  • 1d20 (to generate a number between 1 and 20).
  • 3d6 (to generate a number between 3 and 18). 

A complex dice expression can include several simple expressions which are all added together. They might look like this:

  • 1d20 + 2d4 (to generate a number between 1 and 20, then another between 2 and 8, then add them together).  
  • 2d6 + 3d2 + 1d20 (to generate a number between 2 and 12, then another between 3 and 6, and a third between 1 and 20, then add them all together).

Finally, keywords change the way the dice roller works. Available keywords are: 

  • Fate (to roll Fate dice).
  • Roll Under (to roll 1d20 and determine if the result is equal to or lower than the total modifier).

How'd You Calculate That? 

  • A Proficiency Bonus if the "Proficient" option is clicked and you added a Proficiency Bonus feature to your character's Base Values
  • A Base Attack Bonus if you have added a feature named "Base Attack Bonus" to your character's Base Values
  • Ability Score modifiers if you have chosen an ability score to add its bonus or penalty to the roll. 

Hiding Bonuses

Sometimes you may want your attack or damage bonus to be not display. You can accomplish that as follows: 

  • If an Attack Roll has a Calculated Bonus of 0, it will not display.
    • To suppress it, use Misc Modifier to bring your calculated attack bonus to 0.
    • To force it to display, with a calculated bonus of 0, manually key 0 in the Calculated Bonus field. 
  • If Normal Damage has 0 manually keyed in the Calculated Bonus, it will not display. 



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