Atlas - Tribes and Realms of the Ragnarok ARK

Clan Torsten

The players’ tribe, Clan Torsten was originally a warband of space-faring vikings that woke up on the ARK known as Ragnarok. Peaceful for the most part, they will not hesitate to defend their holdings against beast or man. The Clan has accepted many non-viking survivors into their ranks.

Important Sites and Holdings: Nyrheim and Svelhim Castle, the Ranch, New Damascus, Skalavik.


The Tekocracy

Based in the tek infused city of Lumen, the Tekocracy harkens back to Earth of old, though it claims to be far more moderate in its usage of the insidious Element. The Tekocracy is centered around worship of the ARK’s Overseer as a divine being, and its leader is known only as the Prophet.

Location: Northeastern Highlands

Important Sites and Holdings: Lumen (city), Curiosity (research center), Venture (harbor)


La Mancha

Led by a man who claims to be the legendary Don Quixote de la Mancha, the land of La Mancha is one of epitomical medieval chivalry - knights and ladies, valor and duels. The artisans of La Mancha take great delight in constructing windmills across the ARK.

Location: Southwestern forested region

Important Sites and Holdings: Cardenio (castle) and the town of Anselmo, La Catedral de Dulcinea, Micomicona (a ranch for fine equus)


The Platinum Clave

The Platinum Clave is an alliance of smaller tribes known as people of justice. They are most known for their architecture and economy, and often trade with other tribes and realms who welcome them. 

Location: Midland and around Whitesky Peak

Important Sites and Holdings: Amaranth (trade city), Alizarin (scholarly hold and learning center)


The Sunkissed

The Sunkissed are desert dwellers, ruled by the Coronal and her council. They take great pride in having the skills necessary to survive amidst the sandstorms, mysterious orbital supply drops, and strange creatures that seem to infest the desert.

Location: Eastern desert

Important Sites and Holdings: Amneris (Temple of the Sun ruins), the Felling (a canyon used to trap and tame large beasts)


The Unfettered

The Unfettered live where they please on the entirety of the Ragnarok ARK. Living off the land, but friendly to most other groups, the Unfettered are foremost among the tamers and the explorers of the ARK, and adventurers would be hard-pressed to find better guides or fonts of information should they choose to delve into the deep, forgotten places of their home.

Location: Ragnarok ARK

Important Sites and Holdings: Rhiari (nomadic waymeet)


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