Cerilia's Honor

Cerilia's Honor

We all stand in the shadow of Deismaar.  Both our greatest strengths and our most terrible flaws have been bound by that terrible day so long ago.  Even now, a thousand years later the world echoes and re-echoes that struggle, that reminder that even the gods must choose between good and ill.  ~Author unknown

Cerilia was an ancient continent even before the humans came, fleeing from all the other continents before the threat of Azrai and his minions.  The Elves and Dwarves have occupied the continent since time immemorial (so long that not even the immortal elves can truly say they know when it was first populated.)  The world now, in the after math of Diesmaar where the power of the Gods has infused to some Mortals, is a fractured place.  There is little unity, even in areas such as Anuire where all cultures hailed from a great and powerful empire.  Cerilia is a land at its own throat.

The powers of the ancient, dead gods is propagated through mortal family lines.  These powers, aside from the actual special abilities conferred, allow the blood Scions to link with the land at a deeper level, and some of them can actually draw magic directly from it.  The land itself will respond to these blooded individuals, and thus they are the ones who rise to rule the land itself.  Yet, this makes the contentions that arise between groups of individuals, and amongst them sharper and more fierce.  Even so, these mortal struggles with whole realms hanging int he balance are only the beginning.

And what of the continents from whence the humans fled?  Little is known in Cerilia... but a single colony has been founded on Mieres on the continent of Anduria, there was another elsewhere, long ago, but it was lost when the Empire fell and there is little memory of it's former location.

Author's Note: This is an attempt to re-work the Birthright Campaign setting into Pathfinder.  Once a transition has been done, then some alternate rules and options will be added that are my own way of attempting to achieve the same effects with the tools Pathfinder provides, but were not available at the time of the invention of the setting.  The copyright for the Birthright campaign setting is held by Wizards of the Coast.


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