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The world of Elindra is a place of high fantasy with magic and elves and dwarves and dragons. In some ways, Elindra is a typical RPG world, but in others it is much different. Humanity is the world’s dominant race, yet their greatest allies are peace-loving orcs. Goblins prowl through the woods and raid villages, but they also soar through the air in flying zeppelins and peddle blackpowder weaponry to the highest bidder. Gods abound, more numerous than the sand on a seashore, some say. They are capricious, greedy, fickle and meddle continuously in mortal affairs.

A Tradition of Mythology

You will find no typical religion in Elindra. Rather, there exists a rich tradition of story and myth. From this mythology grows mortals’ understanding of the divine. The gods of Elindra are given face in these stories. What is altogether lacking in this “religion” are any overarching tenets that its members must cling to in hopes of finding peace in the next life. Most people, in fact, believe that the gods have less to do with the afterlife than they do with the living.

An Incomplete World

Elindra is, by design, incomplete. The action centers on an area called the Empire of the Three-Fold Throne, and most of the remaining world remains undefined. It is in this unknown that we hope to grow a living, breathing world influenced by the actions of those brave adventurers who dwell therein.

A Touch of Technology

While Elindra is predominately a traditional fantasy world, there is just enough technology to give it a bit of steam. Goblins have mastered blackpowder weapons, and their skydocks see to the comings and goings of airborne zeppelins. Meanwhile, gnomish inventors have cracked the secrets of steam power and already construction of the first railways is underway. 

The Meaning of All Things

A Lecture by the Great Philosopher Arinel upon being asked the meaning of all things.

“You wish to know the purpose of all things? To find some meaning in this world? A great cosmic truth that exists at the heart of everything? If there is one, it is but this: the gods are fickle and this but an afterthought. You deny this? Do you know how these worlds came to be? Do you know how this all came to be? I shall tell you.

“In the beginning, there was nothing. At least, as we mortals reckon things, there was nothing. No sun, no moons, no globe of Elindra itself. Of course, there were those places were immortals tread, those hidden shores of Somnus or forbidden pathways of Rethaqui. It was in these places where the soul of humanity was conceived from the union of Miraumar and Nydilal. We have long been the Old Man’s favorite, have we not? Is it so hard to think that we come from his very loins?

“Yet this is not a tale of humanity’s birth. Indeed, was it not in the world around you that you sought the hidden meaning? This planet, this globe of dirt? Or in the heavens above and the great void beyond? You know that it was from Qiwin that the world sprang. That our Father of All Things did give birth to the sun, the moons, the globe, and the great void itself. Indeed, as it is written, so it is true.  

“It was after we humans were birthed. Miraumar declared a day of revelry, a celebration of his greatest creation. At this party much drink was served, and Qiwin did imbibe more than any other. So much, in fact, that he grew sick, and in his sickness he spewed forth the sun and stars and all that is Nascii in one great heave.

“That, my boy, is the meaning of all things.“


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