Bastian "Frostbeard" Grymnsbee - m, human, 64-years-old

Bastian "Frostbeard" Grymnsbee
  • Affiliation: Captain of Sea Darter

Bastian "Frostbeard" Grymnsbee is a bold, yet superstitious, human sea captain who loves the water and his crew.


Imposing, exotic, and massive. Frostbeard is a darkly complected human over 60 years old. With piercing gray eyes that look like a squall, and a snow white beard to match the flowing locks on his head, Bastian commands the attention of his crew. Long years at sea have hardened him, and strengthened him into a barrel-chested bear of a man. Yet, despite this, he always has a smile on his face. He strides the decks of his ship with confidence and is rarely seen without his ivory-carved scrimshaw pipe in one hand. 


Calm, open, and superstitious. Bastion is friendly with his crew, joking in a harmless sort of way, but hard also, demanding everyone pull their weight. He expects orders to be obeyed immediately, and without question, meting out punishment without hesitation when needed. His calm is legendary, and it is said that Bastian could keep his cool while walking across the pitching deck of Sea Darter, amidst a hurricane, while a kraken tries to tear the ship asunder. In fact, the only cracks in his demeanor comes from a strong superstitious streak, a tendency that drives him refuse any cargo including bananas, absolutely forbid whistling aboard ship, and whisper incantations to the sea when he believes no one is listening. 


Keep his crew safe. Bastian loves the sea, and it is that love that drives him. He has no family, no obligations beyond Sea Darter, and plenty of money stashed away. He sails because he enjoys it, and wants to share that love with his crew. As captain, he sees it as his obligation and his honor to bring his crew back from every voyage. He has not lost a sailor in a long time, and has no intention of breaking that streak. 


Bastian considers sailing his hobby, and it fills him with joy, a joy that bubbles out of him in song. He enjoys singing in his deep, baritone voice - songs of times long past and adventures at sea. 


Bastian keeps quiet about his past, but that past swirls around him on the lips of his crew, dock workers, and old sea dogs alike. They say he was born on a ship and never spent a night ashore. That he had his first command by 14 and was accounted among the great sea captains by 17. That he first crossed paths with the "great Kraken" at 18, and survived not only this first encounter, but five more since. His frosty white beard and hair, it is said, came from that first encounter. He went up against the kraken with a head of black hair and awoke the following day with hair as white as a winter day. 

Regardless of the truth of things, these days Bastian enjoys the sea while transporting cargo and passengers. He sees every member of his crew as family, ensuring they get first and greater cut of any loot before he does. On any voyage, every sailor from the First Mate to the lowliest deck hand is invited to dine with him at the captain's table at least once. In port, he stays aboard Sea Darter, preferring the gentle sway of the ship to the still of land and bustle of a port. 


Bastian "Frostbeard" Grymnsbee by Chris Anderson and Lucas Curell. 


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