High Forest

High Forest

This massive northern forest is home to elves, treants and centaurs along with many other fey and woodland creatures. It is home to a range of mountains and the gorge, Unicorn Run. 

  • Endless Caverns

  • These winding caverns stretch for miles and are said to connect to the Underdark.
  • New Eaerlann

  • This collection of wood elf and silver elf tree cities and camps is an attempt to recover some of the glory of the ancient elven realm of Erlaan.
    1. Nordahaeril
  • The Eldathyn Gate

  • Near the upper reaches of the Unicorn Run in the area of great waterfalls known as the sisters, it is said that the faithful of Eldath may reach her plane The True Grove in Elysium.
  • The Glade of Life

  • Nestled at the foot of the Star Mountains near Khle'cayre, the Last Aerie of the aarakocra, the Glade of Life is the center of worship of many nature deities. At its center is the Fountain of Unicorns which feeds the Unicorn Run...
  • The Sisters

  • This series of beautiful waterfalls and tree lined plateaus is at the mouth of the unicorn run. It is home to powerful centaur tribes and numerous wildlife.

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