On the north bank of the Delimbiyr river near the Unicorn Run is this quiet town of hunters, farmer and fishermen. It is built over ancient ruins and is a base of exploration. 

Link to more info on "Old" Secomber of the early 1400's:


  • Moorspotter Manor

  • The large stone house on the edge of Secomber, which is the residence of the cloth merchant Hadrill Moorspotter.
  • Rirden's Fineries

  • This extravagant shop, run by the shrewd merchant Rirden, contains many types of jewelry, minor magical items, and other useful odds and ends.
  • The Garrison

  • This tall stone fort on one of the hills of Secomber is home to the villiage's Lord Protector. It also houses the regular guards of the Lords Alliance who are stationed there to protect the villiage.
  • The Seven-Stringed Harp

  • This ramshackle tavern caters to the adventurers and explorers who are based out of Secomber.
  • The Singing Sprite

  • This pleasant inn is a long time establishment in Secomber. It is a place where clean beds and a warm hearth accompany good food friendly locals.

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