Sword Coast - Region

Sword Coast

The lands bordering the Sword Coast region of Faerun. A land of rich city states, vast wilderness and fertile farmsteads.


  • Flowshin Estates

  • This land was once and exclusively elven estate inhabited primarily by gold elves. After the Retreat, the estate passed to Master Eloefindar Flowshin's son, Darfin, who opened it up to halflings, dwarves and some humans.
  • Julkoun (Shining)

  • Halfway between Daggerford and Secomber on the bank of the Delimbiyr (River Shining), is a small villiage named after a hero of old named Julkoun. The town is known for its fine whole cloth and a shrine to Chauntea. There is also a well known inn
  • Loudwater

  • A fortified frontier town near Southwood on the northern edge of the High Moor.
  • The High Moor

  • A vast area of rocky badlands inhabited by trolls and goblins and human barbarians. Great and viscous beasts roam these badlands.
  • Uluvin

  • This town in Folorn Hills (Fallen Hills) is a dusty mine town and waystop. It was once a much larger town but was ransacked by dark elves and later rebuilt, a shadow of its former glory.

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