Trade Way (Daggerford South)

Trade Way (Daggerford South)

The settlements south of Daggerford along the Trade Way.

  • Bowshot

  • This small lumber mill town was put on the map by the caverns that can be accessed from the well behind the local inn. The settlement is home to many fine woodcarvers.
  • Cromm's Hold

  • Cromm’s hold is a medium-sized well-built keep about 2 miles east of the Lizard Marsh and 15 miles south of the Delimbiyr (Shining) River. The thick stone walls and buildings are very well protected by Cromm’s loyal men-at-arms
  • Gillian's Hill

  • A half-day's ride south of Daggerford lies a small hamlet known for its excellent shop and a dangerous dungeon.
  • Liam's Hold

  • On a fortified hilltop, a day's ride from Daggerford. It was named after a powerful wizard whose tower is still standing long after his death. A fine inn is located there around the tower (The Holdfast Inn).
  • The Way Inn

  • Two days hard riding south of Daggerford leads one to the last secure settlements for a good distance south towards Dragonspear Castle. It is a walled settlement built atop a plateau with stables, an inn and room for many caravan wagons.

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