Waterdeep - Great City


The gem of the North and largest deep water harbor in the world. Waterdeep is a bustling metropolis and center of trade. 

City Locations

  • City of the Dead

  • This massive walled graveyard of the city is home to many elaborate tombs and mausoleums. It's abundance of trees and lawns makes it popular as a park during daylight hours.
  • Field Ward

  • The newest of the city's wards, Field Ward was just caravan grounds 100 years ago. But it has since grown into densely populated slums, which are home to the poorest of Waterdeep's residents.
    1. Dwarven Armory
  • North Ward

  • The most desirable neighborhood in the city, North Ward is home to many fine inns and noble villas.
  • Southern Ward

  • Southern Ward is home to the caravan court and many other facilities catering to traveling merchants and their caravans.
    1. Watch Post 10

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