Avonia - Continent

According to the legends of various cultures, Avonia was once a desolate waste of empty crags and ragged cliffs, inhabited only by Dragons. Inevitably, the Four Elemental Lords arrived and changed the world forever.

Now, Avonia is a continent of varied landscapes and people, rich with ancient power.


  • Dwarfland

  • A small section of mountainous land, long ago settled by Dwarves traveling from their homeland.
  • Koedda

  • A country of varied landscapes, occupied by a loose Alliance of multi-racial city-states.
    1. Colkirk
  • Shinovar

  • The City of Law, which hides high in the sky, flying above the clouds. It is the seat of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, and the ancient home of the Paragons.
  • The Dunes of Darkesh

  • A valley of sand encroached by mountains near the western coast and primarily occupied by the human tribes of Darkesh.,
  • The Islands of Ordenna

  • A collection of Islands off the southwest coast of Avonia, and the homeland of the Orcs.
  • The Magistrate

  • Land once ruled by Koedda, usurped by a government of mages and wizards, and shaped by their will.
  • The Scalestone Mountains

  • A range of crags, cliffs, and mountains, primarily inhabited by Dragons and their humanoid children, the Dragonborn.

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