Stone of Second Sight - Lawstone, Ancient Relic

The Stone of Second Sight is one of eight gemstones that were once embedded in the Staff of Law. It is a smooth and perfectly spherical moonstone, infused with powerful divination magics and the essence of Karia the Diviner herself.

After The Eruption in the Emerald Wilds, corruption choked the stones power. Soon, terrible magics began to seep from it and infect the nearby denizens of Brindale.

A group of adventurers soon arrived, ventured into the Gardens of Augury, and found the corrupted Divination Stone. After being transported into a dreamlike pocket realm contained within the gem, the heroes defeated the corrupted spirit of the Diviner herself. When these adventurers then returned to the material plane, a mad sorcerer took it from their clutches.


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