The Eruption in the Emerald Wilds - Historic Event

After Krokugio and his swarm of goblins were given a magical staff by the sorcerer Kraven Jekt, they used it to terrorize the patrols of soldiers and mercenaries transporting recovered elven relics to Fortress Andwynne. Using a great column of quartz stone hidden in a cavern within The Emerald Wilds, they were able to enhance their warriors. However, through their incompetence and misuse, chaotic energies were bled from the Plane of Chaos and into the Material Plane.

When they attacked a circus caravan and took their tiefling showmaster Orianna, they used her fel blood to generate even more powerful chaos energies, and the ensuing force was too much for the formation of gems to handle. The intervening heroes were unable to dispel it without risking their lives, and the site of power eventually erupted, wreaking havoc and destruction on the surrounding area.

The forest near the site of The Eruption became quite toxic, and infused with chaos energies. Much of the inhabitants immediately surrounding the area were destroyed, and those just outside its blast have become irreparably altered. Mutated beasts and people now wander the large crater of decimated Earth, confused and angry. The area has since become known as The Emerald Wastes, or simply, The Wastes.


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