The Sword of Destiny


Welcome to the world of Kandalur, a realm of magic and mystery, rich with lore. Kandalur is a giant landmass far to the east and north of the ruined Nerathi Empire. It is often referred to as the “Shattered Kingdoms” since there remain seven kingdoms within Kandalur. The lands have long been inhabited by the moon elves of K’ndara Thaen, the gnomes of Aldesta, and the men and dwarves of Alheim. It was only with the arrival of the eladrin, led by the planeswalker Auravir Aramorn, that Kandalur would begin to grow into something more.

Four kingdoms rose to power quickly; Aldesta in the south, Alheim in the north and west, Aramanthir to the northeast and K’ndara Thaen in the middle. In the wake of many great wars, three others emerged around Kandalur; Amystere in the far south, Atheos in the north, and Stormfall in the southeast.

This world is full of different types of magic and all sorts of dangers. The farther from the road you stray, the more reward (or danger) you will find. Kandalur is filled with lost ruins, ancient dungeons, and hidden troves of treasure. Adventure awaits for those bold enough to venture out into the world.


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