Korinth is a fantasy setting that has existed in the imaginations of our gaming group for over two decades. No one person can claim authorship of Korinth, as it has evolved from years of gaming, and every player has left their mark. 

“Korinth” is a term used to describe a multiverse that includes the prime material plane of Korinth (or its proper name Annon-Gelyd), as well as inner, outer, and transitive planes. Like the world itself, the multiverse of Korinth has evolved through the Great Wheel structure of older editions of D&D, to something unique. 

In addition to other planes of existence, there are five separate multiverses connected to Korinth. Of these, only the the multiverse of Elindra is known. Elindra exists outside the space of Korinth's reality, in what is called a separate dimension. The two dimensions (Korinth and Elindra) connect at a single point and no divine magic can cross between them. They have completely different planar structures, histories, deities, etc.


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