Korinth - Planet


The world of Korinth includes six known continents: Gaaltic, Greymirch, Minose, Northern Niadris, Southern Niadris, and Rameen. Niadris holds the largest portion of the worlds population followed by Minose. Little is known of Rameen, although it is believed the morguul originated from this secluded part of the world. The island of Vexstigia, which lies between Minose and Greymirch holds the portal connecting Korinth with Elindra.


  • Mordoth

    Where dwell the storm kings.
  • Republic of Narse

    The oldest nation on the planet, the center of modern civilization, and home to the worlds largest city.
  • Sindoon

    A rugged land, home to the Shan'Del and a burgeoning class of artisans.
  • Stonehollow

    A wide swath of fertile farmland between Sindoon and Mordoth. Stonehollow is peppered with small independent villages

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