Power in Korinth is concentrated in the hands of these few.

Heroic Icons

  • Oberon Urodi

  • Oberon Urodi is a champion of those in need, paladin of Great Markonus, and Supreme Commander of the forces of the Republic. An example of altruism and a beacon of light in a world ravaged by war. Oberon is the hero's hero.  
  • The High Father

  • Head of the Church of the Creator, the High Father (who may be a man or woman), guides the spiritual lives of nearly half the population of Korinth and commands the power of holy miracles. The High Father seeks to spread the Way to all of Korinth.
  • Triumvirate & Senate

  • Consisting of the Senate and sitting Triumvirate of the Republic of Narse, the Triumvirate and Senate represent freedom, choice, and acceptance. Concepts Narse actively seeks to export to all of Korinth, an effort that has become difficult recently.

Ambiguous Icons

  • Archomentals

  • Consisting of all surviving archomentals, these beings of near-godlike power are behind the Elemental War that has sent chaos rippling through Korinth. They seek the downfall of all gods, though they have no quarrel with the Creator and the Way.
  • Es'Shar Lykor

  • As the Es'Shar of the Spires of Sindoon, Shan'Del Lykor holds the senior post in the powerful organization. The Shan'Del seek to protect Korinth by monitoring and controlling arcane magic. Good and evil do not concern them.
  • Graul Emberscale

  • The self-proclaimed dragonkin of prophecy, destined to lead his people to ascendency. Just a few years into his rule, Graul's writ now covers most of the frozen north. A clear champion of dragonkin, Graul values friendship and allies of all sorts.

Villainous Icons

  • Council of Dust

  • Secretive and mysterious, the Council of Dust is made-up of necromancers as old as Korinth. Considered first among equals, the Council seeks to spread the practice of necromancy. What other goals they have are shrouded in darkness. 
  • Nerisarin Kelisharn

  • Master of the Octocult and its hordes, Nerisarin Kelisharn is cruel and manipulative but brilliant. Enemies of the Shan'Del, no one knows just what the goals of the Octocult are, though they certainly include the domination of all life. 

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