• Ahmkor

    The ruling body of Sindoon.
  • Allurah Kore

    Allurah is a kind, charming woman that loves her Creator, cares for the helpless but hides a sinister darkness within her soul.
  • Cul Draconis

    A mysterious and little-known cult hailing from the dwarven kingdom of Terashar that seeks to bring about the awakening of their god the Great Devourer.
  • Diaria Apoise

    Captain Diaria is a quinquagenarian with little tolerance for tomfoolery and a strong faith in Markonus. She enjoys art, particularly music, and often attends the opera.
  • Elves

  • Evae Elastran

    A Shan'Del.
  • Graul Emberscale

  • League of Traders

    The League of Traders effectively controls all deep-sea traderoutes and many overland routes and uses this influence to make its members wealthy.
  • Milfroth Reblith

    Milfroth is a distracted gnome who loves the Creator, history and bugs.
  • Muaaka

  • Oberron Urodi

    The knight Oberron stands at the forefront of Embers, ever vigilant and watchful.
  • Octocult

  • Percival Twillheart

    Percival is an aged human with a stern disposition who cares greatly for those under his watch. He enjoys riding and horse racing.
  • Septimus Ra

  • Shan'Del

    The Shan'Del see themselves as protectors of the world and recognize no authority beyond their own. Neither good nor evil, they serve only the will of the Spires.
  • Shissik

    Sindoon's own boogeyman. Shissik the spider is said to move in webs of shadow and snatch children to decorate his lair with their corpses.
  • Skarl

    Skarl is a friendly blue dragonkin that enjoys the tales of Handmrick Eaglecrown.
  • Stout Stonehurst

    Stout is a male dwarf stonemason that enjoys a good brawl and a good drink.
  • Tuath-Tol Brigade

    Numbering just 23, the Tuath-Tol Brigade has maintained law and order inside Eon for as long as anyone can recall.

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