Aeria - Neutral Good

Symbol: Circle with a slash across

Aeria is the god of unity, acceptance and peace as well as good-aligned undead. She rarely commands temples of her own but is worshiped in the temples of the pantheon. The exception to this being among the undead, where she is sometimes worshiped alone as the one true god. Aeria claims followers from every race but has the highest concentration among the short peoples (halflings, gnomes, etc.) and good-aligned undead. Aeria espouses the following ideals:

  • Strive to bring peace where there is unrest and conflict
  • Those that look different should be accepted for who they are not what they appear to be
  • Nothing is absolute, there is gray

Alternate Worship

Aeria sometimes chooses to manifest as a small, deformed creature of indeterminate race and gender called Bhuka. In this form she is venerated by many unusual races such as goblins, mongrels and other shunned or marginalized peoples. Bhuka the Bhuka is often worshiped as a Neutral deity.


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