Ala Novia

Ala Novia is a small fishing town on the northwestern shores of the Visalvius Peninsula.  When the War of Return resulted in most of the peninsula breaking away the village remained with the Republic. It paid for this choice heavily when the Octocult's forces razed the city killing hundreds and forcing the rest to flee towards New Nulb.  Some of the people returned but Ala Novia is only a pale image of what it once was.  There remain signs of the larger village that once stood here although throughout the centuries those have faded.  As a frontier town, Ala Novia is accustomed to trouble.  The Visalvius Peninsula is hardly safe any longer and Blackwood is a den of trouble.  Townsfolk make a point of steering clear of that forest. 

 on the western edge of the Blackwood and the defacto borders of Narse.  The folk here are friendly and hard-working and somewhat akin to trouble from the peninsula and the Blackwood.  Although they support themselves primarily through fishing there are a few small farms west of the town proper.   


Ala Novia looks like many Narasian towns.  Houses are typically built of stone, predominately 1-story with slate shingles.  Most homes do not have any windows and those that do have wooden shutters rather than glass panes.  The homes tend to be small, square affairs with large common rooms where the family sleeps, eats and lives.  A rough wooden palisade surround and protects the village.


A town council numbering 5 is elected every 5 years to handle official town business.  Additionally, a constable is appointed to the village by the Dawnblades.  Due to regular trouble from the nearby wilderness, the town maintains a standing militia much larger than most villages its size.  As a border town, Ala Novia is somewhat less patient with lawbreakers than other cities within the Republic.  All of the rights Narasians have come to cherish are retained but the punishments tend to lean on the heavier side of the scale.  Officially the local Dawnblades are responsible for law and order but within Ala Novia, where there is trouble, locals go to the captain of the militia rather than the Dawnblades.

The mercenaries of Kosharn have also come to be viewed almost as local law enforcers.  Soldiers in the employ of the local noble Mogresh Birath.  The Kosharn number about 20 and are all dragonborne mercenaries.  Although it is Mogresh that pays them, they fight for the village regularly.  The Dawnblades often find themselves at odds with the Kosharn but in Ala Novia it is more often the Kosharn with whom the townsfolk side.

Life and Society

The people of Ala Novia are accustomed to suffering.  They spend their days at work - either on the seas or in the fields - with little time for leisure activities.  Attacks are not uncommon from any number of hostile creatures on the peninsula.  Goblinoinds are the most common but more dangerous creatures are not unheard of either. 


The people of Ala Novia tend to cling to the old ways.  A temple still stands in town venerating some of the oldest deities now long gone.  In addition to this, the Way of the Creator and Benevolence both have strong followings among the villagers of Ala Novia.  Benevolence holds a slight advantage in numbers over the Way, but the Way has a much more opulent church and deeper pockets thanks to funding from the larger church in New Nulb. 


The folk of Ala Novia are hardy, self-reliant and fiercely independent.  They pride themselves on being able to defend their village from the many dangers of the peninsula without soldiers garrisoned in their town.  A significant portion of the population is familiar with warfare and every male above the age of 14 has spent some time in the militia.  The villagers are particularly renowned for their skill with the bow and they use this skill to great effect from behind their wooden palisade.

Some of the notable people of Ala Novia  include:

  • Adron Cisiso (M, human, B): A member of the village council.
  • Grustus Zent (M, human, WotC): Captain of the militia. 
  • Krator (M, lizardfolk, Sakamaran): Ambassador to Ala Novia sent by the Dunwater lizardfolk.
  • Mogresh Birath (M, dragonborn, B): A dragonborn noble that moved to Ala Novia over three decades ago.  Mogresh has become something of a local hero as his mercenaries - the Kosharn - have helped defend the town on many occasions.  Despite his influence, Mogresh typically stays out of town politics choosing solitude in his estates instead. 
  • Otera Mainius (M, human, WotC): Otera is the constable and a non-native of Ala Novia.  A little more than a year ago he was assigned this post and sent to the village along with two deputies.  The people of Ala Novia have yet to take him into their confidence although he is of course treated kindly.
  • Potius Calaris (M, human, WotC): A member of the village council.
  • Sia Frivus (F, human, B): A member of the village council.
  • Tio Melius (M, halfling, B): Owner and operator of the village inn, Stoutfoot. 
  • Tania Favutius (F, human, WotC): A member of the village council.


Specific sites of interest are described in additional detail below.

  • Birath Estates: One of the few non-human villagers, Mogresh Birath enjoys the largest home in the village.  His estate is a three-story affair built on several acres and surrounded by its own high stone walls.  Mogresh keeps a retinue of guardsmen in his employ that live in barracks on the estate. 
  • Commons: A long, wooden building the townsfolk refer as the Commons is where the village council meets and where village meetings for any public business take place.  Usually at least 1 or 2 members of the council can be found inside.
  • Highcrest: The closest thing Ala Novia has to a keep is a four-story tower called Highcrest.  Townsfolk active in the militia stay in the tower rather than their own homes for the duration of their service. Beneath Highcrest is the towns jail, a dozen small, cramped cells.  
  • Stoutfoot: This large, 2-story square building is the local inn and tavern.  It is owned by one of the only non-human residents of the town, a diminutive halfling named Tio.  Tio prides himself on his menu which includes a wide assortment of fish including some fresh exotic specimens such as shark, swordfish and Narasian darter. 

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