Allurah Kore - NPC

Allurah is a tall, elegant, charismatic woman whose beauty outshines the sun. 

The Vicor is a tall, elegant, and charismatic human female whose features seem to change or at least alter depending on the tastes of those who see her. It is said that two men can view her at the same time and can see what they each desire.

Vicor Allurah is the head priestess of the Stonegate Abbey, the main place of worship for believers of the Creator in Eon. Legend has it that the Vicor was a founding member of the town. Like many residents of Eon, Allurah's age is not easily determined and even the oldest residents of Eon have memories of Allurah.

It is also rumored that Allurah has the ability to charm her worshipers and her control is so strong that she has even convinced some of the faithful to surrender their children to raise money for ministry as "servants" in the backrooms and basements of the wealth around the area. It is said she can use magic, but most of the residents of Eon dismiss this as gossip intended to damage their beloved Priestess.

Allurah's control in Eon is both political and physical. Many of those that can resist her charm have found their way into the service of the guard in far off wars or in the hauls of a slave traders boat.


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