Asmodeus - Lawful Evil

  • Parent: Religion
  • Titles: King of Hell, Lord of Lies, Overlord of the Hells, Lord of the Ninth

Symbol: Inverted pentagram
Dimension: Netherworld
Realm: 9th Layer of Baator

Claimant of the same name as the primordial farol, Asmodeus is a horrible being who represents tyranny and domination. He is served by the devils that sprang from his wickedness and seeks to draw mortal souls into the Hell where he resides. Those deranged souls that worship Asmodeus do so in quiet, hidden temples, dank basements, abandoned ruins or other places ill-suited to good company. His worship is common among the uncivilized races but more than a few humans, elves, eladrin and others pray in secret to this devil. Asmodeus’ depraved teachings include all of the following:

  • Anything that you have the power to take is yours by right of force  
  • Lesser beings are limited by the rules of others, the great make their own rules 
  • Lies, deception and treachery are all tools that a wise man uses to achieve his ends 

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