Nation: Independent city-state
Plane: Korinth
Classification: Village
Population: 500 
Exports: Slaves
Languages: Common

The small village of Balehusk is built upon the Winding River where the Marsh of the Lostjoins with the Southern Reaches.  It is a slave trading hub and exists only to supply the many groups operating inside the Southern Reaches with slaves.  Most of the stock sold in the markets of Balehusk is brought north through Bloodhorn Port.  The minotaur city claims Balehusk as a vassal but the village offers no fealty to Bloodhorn Port instead considering itself an outreach of the League of Tradesmen.  The League makes no claim to control in the city however pointing out that it maintains but a small post in Balehusk.  



Balehusk is dominated by small wooden hovels where its residents live in squalor.  The homes are almost all wood, built from lumber taken from the Southern Reaches with thatch roofs.  The streets are dirt, or more likely churned to mud by the constant foot traffic and regular rainfall.  Only in the winter months can one find any relief from the mud and then its still common, just lessened.  Very few structures rise more than a single story, among those that do being the Temple to Balrais, Balehusk Keep and the Inn of the Broken Foot.  Aside from the squalid homes the village has three large slave markets and dozens of pens for the storage of slaves.  The smaller markets run daily but most activity occurs in the large, centrally located market that operates twice weekly on the second and fifth days of the week. 


Balehusk is run by an oni named Uthralen.  Uthralen once ran most of Bloodhorn Port'sslaving operations inside the Southern Reaches.  It was during this time that he established Balehusk, originally as a collection point and holding pen for slaves.  In time the work of keeping the camp running became more than he could handle while operating the slave operations and the oni abandoned his post and claimed Balehusk as his property.  He studiously ignores any claim Bloodhorn Port attempts to make to ownership and has allied himself directly with the League of Tradesmen to minimize Bloodhorn's influence. 

Uthralen wasted little time in cementing his control of Balehusk by forging a pact with a creatures of the Netherworld, an osyluth named Charbaxis.  The devil Charbaxis established the Heartless Guard, a force consisting entirely of devils from Baator.  With such terrible guardsmen few want to cause trouble in the city which runs more like a slave market from Baator than Korinth.  The Heartless Guard watches over the slaves and the markets but anything not tied directly to the city or the slave trade is left to each individual.  For this reason anyone with money that spends time in the city hires mercenaries to accompany them. 

Goods and Services

Life and Society

Balehusk is a place of misery where the strong lord over the weak.  Uthralen runs the place with an iron fist and his every whim is transformed into law.  He recognizes no rights save those that can be taken by force but enjoys the wealth his slave markets bring so he typically holds his worst for those that live within the city.  As Balehusk is a hub for slavery, there is no small amount of it within the city. 


Nearly every evil power has a worshiper or two within Balehusk including many of the lords of the Abyss and Baator.  Uthralen worships no being (except perhaps himself) but tolerates any religion within his city so long as it doesn't interfere with the business of selling slaves. 


Balehusk's primary industry is the slave markets but it also serves as a clearing house for lumber and metal taken out of the Southern Reaches. Large warehouses sit at the edge of town for processing these materials. 


Balehusk supports a guard force of 25, devils all of them, 13 clergy, a slave population of about 300 (not part of the town's population) and an integrated citizenry consisting of representatives from nearly every race on Korinth.  

  • Aepro (f, succubus, Asmodeus): In addition to her role as high priestess to Asmodeus, Aepro oversees the processing and sale of pleasure slaves within the village.
  • Alton Bresi (m, human, WotC): Father Alton Bresi is something of an enigma within Balehusk.  A missionary devoted to the Creator, Father Bresi stands in the streets daily preaching against the evils of slavery.  Why Uthralen and Charbaxis tolerate him is a question no one has ever been able to answer. 
  • Charbaxis (m, osyluth): Commander of the Heartless Legion, this bone devil is justly feared by nearly every resident of Balehusk.  Charbaxis enjoys torture and will occasionally seize people for no reason other than to torture and kill them. 
  • Keseel (m, legion devil): Captain of the Heartless Guard, Keseel is feared nearly as much as his master Charabaxis. 
  • Lund and Pulip (m, ettin): Owner and operator of the Inn of the Broken Foot.
  • Uthralen (m, oni): Founder and master of Balehusk.


The village of Balehusk supports a single inn/taverns, several general supply shops with a focus on mining and lumbering gear and three slave markets.  

  • Balehusk Keep: From within this structure of mortar and stone Uthralen commands his city.  The keep was built by slaves and its craftsmanship is questionable.   
  • Inn of the Broken Foot: Operated by an ettin with a reputation for arguing with itself, the Inn of the Broken Foot is the only place in town where visitors can buy food and drink and a bit of shelter.  The food is miserable, and consists mostly of rodents and the drink is certainly part urine, part water and part alcohol but it passes and anyone that turns their nose up at it is likely to find the proprietor quite angry.  At five stories, the Inn of the Broken Foot is one of the largest structures in the village. 
  • Red Building: Named for the color of it has been painted, this two story bordello is operated by Aepro. 
  • Slave Markets: There are three markets in the city, with the largest being centrally located.  The markets are run by orcs in the employ of Uthralen with security managed by the Heartless Legion.
  • Slave Pens: Scattered about the outskirts of the village are dozens of pens for holding slaves.  Most are open and exposed to the elements although a few are closed in places where fortunate slaves can find some respite from nature.

Recent Activity

  • 11726 Balehusk founded by Uthralen.

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