Balrais - Chaotic Evil

  • Parent: Religion
  • Titles: the Taskmaster, the Charred King, the Flaming One

As the god of fire, war and savagery, Balrais is venerated by cruel and angry creatures.  He has few temples as he demands splendor in any construction in his name.  Most worshipers pray and perform their unholy rites before a blazing bonfire.  Worship of Balrais is widespread among the evil races of Korinth and he competes with Perdition for the faith of goblinoids.  Orcs in his service are few as are more civilized races.  Balrais has a special troupe of warriors faithful to him called Infernal Executioners.  These warriors travel across Korinth ensuring that his faithful adhere to the commandments of Balrais, whom they call the Charred King.  Balrais entreats his worshipers as follows:

  • Make war so that you remain powerful
  • Burn your enemies with the holy fire of Balrais
  • Give no quarter and offer no mercy to the defeated

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