Brytren Delcio - m, human, senator

Brytren is a senator from the city of New Nulb and recent convert from Benevolence to the Way of the Creator. His family is a staple in Republic politics holding numerous governorships, senator seats, mayoral positions, constabularies, and other elected positions.

The Delcio family itself is old blood nobility, able to trace that lineage further than most, and holding a confirmed claim to the long-abandoned throne. The families power has waxed and waned across the centuries, with it waning of late. 

Still having some influence, and interested in expanding it, Brytren recently started a coalition with his friend Pilburt Puck, to protest the extreme military expenditures. Brytren recognizes the war is not over, but he believes it can be done with smarter use of resources, not more money.


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