Church of the Grieving Brother - Church

Church of the Grieving Brother

This exotic sand stone building stands near the heart of the Artisan District. It is the only structure of its kind and its outer walls are decorated with hieroglyphs. To look upon it, there can be no doubt: it is a morguul structure. But today it serves a much different role as a church dedicated to the Way of the Creator. 

The story of its transformation goes back to the darkness preceding the Sundering. The temple was the only building here, at that time, and it was tended by its high priest, Josius Seladorn, at least, that had been his name before he succumbed to the morguul. Josius had a brother named Markus, and he sent men to forcibly bring Markus to him, intending to sacrifice Markus to the wicked morguul gods. When the time came, Josius offered his brother a bargain, his life in exchange for everlasting service to the morguul. 

Instead, Markus whispered quietly, "Take me today, and let him live." Josius thought to mock him by saying that was his intention, but it was not to Josius whom Markus spoke, it was to the Creator.

As Josius moved to strike his brother, holy fire burned out of the sky, engulfing them both. Josius survived, but Markus was burned to ash. Realizing the great sacrifice his brother had made for him, Josius was freed of the morguul taint. In shame and horror he fell to his knees, right at the place where the flame struck. He wept. He never moved again, and his great sorrow transformed him into solid stone, that he might weep for an eternity.

Josius still kneels in the center of a blackened, burned scar on the floor of the church. Occasionally, a tear leaks from one of his eyes, runs down his face and falls from his chin. To capture this tear in one's mouth is considered a blessing sent directly from the Creator. 

The church was claimed as a holy site by the Way of the Creator and pilgrims travel to the city where they line up for a chance to see Josius' Vigil, and maybe catch a tear that falls from his eye.  


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