Eon - Town

  • Parent: Stonehollow
  • Government: Independant City-State
  • Population: : 500

Eon is located in the southeast of Niadris in the area called Stonehollow and sits outside the official borders of any government. The Vannal River runs through the town connecting with the Shattered Coast hundreds of miles distant. It is famous as the place where Eraen Sil - a selenite - met her demise and because it's an important trade hub owing to its location on the Dust Road, its proximity to the Shattered Coast and its independence from the Shan'Del. Several hundred people live in Eon. 

A little-known fact about Eon is that elarius-based magic will not function inside a band roughly 600 yards around the town's keep. No one knows why this is the case. Contrarily, when Eraen Sil died the energy within her body infused the land for about a half-mile around the village with mana, allowing magic like that not seen since before the Draining to function within this region. Scholars come to Eon often to study this phenomenon. 

The town makes most of its wealth from trade. A regular flow of traffic moves through Eon both north from the Stormsheer Desert along the Dust Road and south from places as far away as Narse. This overland traffic is augmented by river traders sailing the Vannal. Most of these ships fly under the flag of the League of Traders who maintain a notable presence inside Eon. 

Power Centers

  • League of Traders

  • The League of Traders effectively controls all deep-sea traderoutes and many overland routes and uses this influence to make its members wealthy.
  • Shan'Del

  • The Shan'Del see themselves as protectors of the world and recognize no authority beyond their own. Neither good nor evil, they serve only the will of the Spires.
  • Tuath-Tol Brigade

  • Numbering just 23, the Tuath-Tol Brigade has maintained law and order inside Eon for as long as anyone can recall.


  • Allurah Kore

    Allurah is a kind, charming woman that loves her Creator, cares for the helpless but hides a sinister darkness within her soul.
  • Milfroth Reblith

    Milfroth is a distracted gnome who loves the Creator, history and bugs.
  • Percival Twillheart

    Percival is an aged human with a stern disposition who cares greatly for those under his watch. He enjoys riding and horse racing.
  • Skarl

    Skarl is a friendly blue dragonkin that enjoys the tales of Handmrick Eaglecrown.
  • Stout Stonehurst

    Stout is a male dwarf stonemason that enjoys a good brawl and a good drink.


  • Eon Keep

  • From its perch atop a hill in the town's heart, Eon Keep offers shelter to the residents of the village in times of need.
  • Great Hall

  • This large wooden hall serves as the gathering place and living quarters for the Tuath-Tol Brigade.
  • Maiden's Way

  • The largest of Eon's tavern, Maiden's Way is owned and operated by Skarl, a blue dragonkin.
  • Ogden's Mill

  • Tavris and Ive Ogden keep the villages mill running grinding grain to feed the village.

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