Graul Emberscale - m, dragonborn

Graul is a strong leader with a fierce belief in his people. He values strength and loyalty above all, and wearies under the politics and bickering of court life. 

Graul Emberscale ascended to the throne of Servinis less than a decade ago, claiming to be the one spoken of in ancient prophecy destined to restore his people to ascendency.  


Powerful, majestic, and graying. Graul is a strong, stocky dragonborn, rarely encountered without his magical blade Amentar. He carries himself with all the pomp due his position as head of the reborn kingdom of dragonborn, though the stress of it is noticeable to those that know him, visible in the premature darkening of his bronze scales. 


Bold, honorable, and jovial. Graul is a true companion and steady friend. He loves to relax with drink and games, and in festivals he finds his greatest pleasure. Of himself and others, he expects greatness and demands courage of action. 


Restore the glory of the lost empire. Since learning the truth of his ancestry - that he was descended directly from the old royal lines - Graul has sought to bring about the prophesy and reestablish the lost dragonborn empire. He wishes to lead the empire, but his foremost desire is the restoration of his people to their place of power. 


Test of strength and vit'tun'vit. Graul enjoys games of strength such as rock tosses, rock lifting, all of which he excels. He has, of late, taken a liking to the strategy game vit'tun'vit, a favorite of the rugged people of Borars. 


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