Grombuur Mountainroot - Lawful Neutral

Grombuur Mountainroot
  • Parent: Religion
  • Titles: Gray God, the Great Dwarf, Orckiller

Grombuur is the god of mining and vengeance and the patron of dwarves. His titles include the Gray God, Orckiller and the Great Dwarf. He has little regard for non-dwarves and long ago led his dwarves out of human society. The dwarves have massive temples built in honor of Grombuur where he is worshiped as the true deity of the dwarven race. His worshipers are almost entirely dwarven although there is a very small smattering of races represented. Grombuur admonishes his people to:

  • Avoid the needless complications of humans and keep to the purity of your dwarven brethren
  • Allow no wrong to go unrequited
  • Dig deep into the earth for there you find the soul of the dwarven people

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