Hargast - Metropolis

  • Parent: Sindoon
  • Population: 25,171
  • Exports: flarn, toys

Hargast sits in the Pan Delta, where the Terzi River drains into the ocean. Located at the southernmost tip of Sindoon, it is often called the "Southern Gateway," as all overland mercantile traffic, northward bound for Sindoon or southward bound through Sindoon, must stop in Hargast for processing. It is further famous as the home of the Church of the Grieving Brother, a site holy to adherents of the Way of the Creator. 

Law and Order

Hargast is governed by a city council, consisting of members of each artisans guild in the city, with their influence commensurate with their wealth. 

Power Centers

Three powerful guilds dominate the politics of Hargast. Under the watchful and stern eye of Argo Toto, the immensely powerful Merchant Guild controls the flow of traffic in and out of Hargast. They often find themselves at odds with Perrin Paules, a lazy, rat-faced man, who pits his Dockworkers Guild against them, squabbling over control of the cities docks. Finally, the gentle and friendly Timeon Kansa oversees the business of the Toymakers Guild, which is a major source of income for the city. 

Many additional interests are active in Hargast as well, including: 


  • Ahmkor

    The ruling body of Sindoon.
  • League of Traders

    The League of Traders effectively controls all deep-sea traderoutes and many overland routes and uses this influence to make its members wealthy.


  • Diaria Apoise

    Captain Diaria is a quinquagenarian with little tolerance for tomfoolery and a strong faith in Markonus. She enjoys art, particularly music, and often attends the opera.


  • Church of the Grieving Brother

    Once a morguul temple, this sacred site is home to Josius' Vigil and draws pilgrims from across Korinth.
  • Hargast City Center

    A sprawling Merchant Guild complex in the cities heart. Anyone bound for Sindoon must visit this place to purchase their traveling papers.
  • Squatting Ox

    An upscale and pricey three story inn on Hargast's ocean front, famous for its stunning view of the Artisan's District.
  • Torres Abbey

    A nunnery dedicated to the worship of Cheani.

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