Hawkmoon Who's Who

  • Adrice Viledin

    Adrice is a lieutenant in the Shadow Foot thieves guild.
  • Anastacia Nanfer

    Anastacia Nanfer is a hard working, dedicated young woman with a big heart who spends long hours on the job. 
  • Ashny Beltori

  • Attas Beltori

  • Brytren Delcio

    Brytren is a senator from the city of New Nulb and recent convert from Benevolence to the Way of the Creator. 
  • Cavus Nuccorex

    Cavus is a jolly old merchant who trusts everyone, loves making deals, and always seems to come out ahead. 
  • Crystal Moths

    A low-level guild of thugs working the streets of Butcher Block.
  • Dinin Dinoryn

    A drow exiled from his home for showing compassion towards others. 
  • Dorn

    Dorn is middle-aged human guardsman with long years of experience and aspirations for something bigger, whose willing to cut a few corners to get there.
  • Elktrin Valaar

    Elktrin is a middle aged elf with a heart of gold and wisdom beyond his years.
  • Eris Filnor

    A first step trader in New Nulb.
  • Fespar Caldtrunk

    An antiquities dealer (and smuggler of rare artifacts), Fespar is a boisterous halfling with a pipe always in hand and spectacles on his nose.
  • Fineas Pherb

    A master gamester whose guile is topped only by his alluring personality.
  • Issack Mosntai

    An aging human with the look of a man who has lived long past his time, Issack dabbles in all things strange and macabre.
  • Issv Athray

    Issv Athray is a dock hand that takes up happy hour at The Dead Jester, a local tavern attached to an inn.
  • Kinrose Tek

    Kinrose is an affable halfling merchant with a narrow, but very deep knowledge of written language.
  • Klamath Aldabar

    A red-haired dwarven bounty hunter, known to be excellent at recovering both people and things.
  • Namdub Battlefist

    A dwarf with a knack for finding specialty weapons, especially those desired by rogues, assassins and other shady fellows. 
  • Noric, Priest of Benevolence

    Noric is a priest who ministers on the streets of New Nulb. 
  • Pike

    Pike is a young, energetic, street urchin whose luck always sees him through the day.
  • Quintus Black

    Quintus Black is a cunning and ambitious crime lord with a knack for turning bad situations to his favor.
  • Raibyr the Evil

    Master of the necromancers of New Nulb.
  • Selannar Illianaro

    Selannar Illianaro is a venerable elven officer of New Nulb who believes that if you spare the rod you spoil the child.
  • Shadow Foot

    A mid-level thieves guild operating out of New Nulb.
  • Shan'Del Garin

    Garin is an unusually personable, senior member of the Shan'Del with a strong interest in the secret places of Korinth and the greater multiverse.
  • Shan'Del Sauthon

    Sauthon is a self-important Shan'Del who holds strongly to the belief that all magic and knowledge rightfully belong to the organization and those who withhold are not to be trusted.
  • Tameria Bell

    Tameria is a seamstress who own's a small shop on Bulwark Road. She is fascinated with the teachings of the Creator. 
  • Tarily Beltori

  • The Family

    A guild of street urchins, pick pockets, and panhandlers led by the dwarf Velt
  • Toland the Shattered

    Toland the Shattered, once one of the most esteemed minds in all the realm, has degraded after exposure to an ancient, cursed tome left him... damaged.
  • Velt

    A dwarven cutpurse working the streets of New Nulb.
  • Zavala

    A retired mercenary living in New Nulb, years of training and strict discipline have crafted Zavala into a powerful fighter and master of many weapons.

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