Issv Athray - m, human, dockhand

Issv Athray is a dock hand that takes up happy hour at The Dead Jester, a local tavern attached to an inn.

In the days leading up to the Festival of Sudoc's Eve, Issv was heard telling a story at the Dead Jester. As it goes...

He was walking home from the docks one night, alone, and down one of the then-deserted streets, he heard a furious galloping. Peering into the darkness, he could see nothing that would explain the noise until, before his eyes, materialized a spectral horse with a dark rider. The air around him welled up with a hideous, maniacal laughter as the ghostly rider and steed barreled toward him. Before he could react, he was knocked to the ground. As he recovered his footing, he looked up, worried that the attacker would wheel back, but as he stood up, he saw... nothing. The rider and his horse had seemingly disappeared into thin air. Upon further investigation, there was no sign of the rider, other than steaming hoof prints on the cobblestones. He promptly excused himself from the scene, fleeing to the Dead Jester and sharing his tale with all who would listen.

While visibly shaken and sincere in his manner, most dismiss the tale rubbish. Some say he merely wants to draw attention to himself, in light of all the buzz about the group that thwarted the kidnapping of Lyssa, a group that included Keshik Ru, whom he dislikes. Others believe that he was merely a victim of too much drink. All who know Issv know of his propensity to drink heavily and regularly.


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