Kaaba - Village

The tiny village of Kaaba sits on the open tundra, about a mile from the northern ocean. It is small, consisting of perhaps two-dozen huts arranged around a longhouse, with a smattering of outer homes. A pair of crossed tusks, each easily eight-foot long, are crossed to form a makeshift gate into the village. 

Kaaba is a small, muaaka village in the frozen northlands of Niadris. Nominally part of the Kingdom of Ith, Kaaba governs itself, pays no taxes, and generally owes little allegiance to Ith. Few people find reason to visit Kaaba, and fewer still ever see a need to return.  


A longhouse, constructed of bones with hides stretched tight between them, is located centrally in the village and serves as the focal point for community gatherings. Smaller homes, also with a bone structure and hide walls, are scattered haphazardly around this central structure. 


Like most muaaka villages, Kaaba is governed by the tribal elders, with a chieftain chosen from among them. The tribes are loosely connected, and even more loosely under the auspices of the Kingdom of Ith. There exists no formalized legal system, although the elders will be called upon to settle any disputes among tribe members or outsiders. 


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