Kore - Chaotic Evil

  • Titles: The Scourge
  • Symbol: 3-headed flail

Born a mortal in Korinth, Kore clawed his way to a place of power in Elindra through brute strength, force of will and sheer savagery and these are the traits he requires of those that serve him.  Worshipped as a force of entropy by some and the perfect embodiment of a natural storm by others, Kore has a strange mixture of followers.  Druids from many cultures venerate him as an untamed force of nature, often offering human sacrifice to appease the angry demon, while barbaric and cruel peoples venerate him for his strength and wickedness. When he chooses to interact with his followers Kore recognizes only strength and power and requires all of the following:

  • The strong live while the weak should do the world a favor and die
  • Chaos, anarchy, entropy - these are the foundations of the world
  • Test your mettle regularly in physical combat

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