Neckroth - Chaotic Evil

  • Titles: Black One
  • Symbol: Skull surrounded by black flames

The god of destruction, chaos and endings, Neckroth is worshiped as a primal force of nihilism and his professed goal is to usher in the end of existence. Worshipers build temples to him in remote, secret places where no good thing has trodden in years. His faithful can include anyone from humans, elves, and dwarves, to other more degenerate races. A few of the commandments Neckroth gives are:

  • Undermine the social order and sow chaos and discord
  • Hurt others for the sake of causing pain
  • Work to bring the world to ruin

Dead or Alive?

Neckroth is presumed dead.  He was defeated by Velcerick and has not been seen since.  Despite this, cults continue to worship the fallen power, and faithful priests and paladins continue to receive divine energies. The devout offer this as proof that he lives still while skeptics suggest his servitors are drawing power from some unknown source. 


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