New Servinis

The capitol of the reborn dragonkind empire of Ith, and home of the Dragonlord, New Servinis is the jewel of Ith. 


The great city of New Servinis is a place of exotic grandeur. Her buildings are multi-storied affairs, possessed of sweeping fins the seem to jut in a dozen directions, each ending in a sharp point. Winding stairs climb the outside of many of these structures, leading to landings placed high above the ground, landing pads for those residents able to fly. The roadways are wide, with shoulders of almost equal size packed with stalls for where merchants crowd, selling every imaginable good from across the face of Korinth. Her skies are crowded. Filled with the sleek skyboats of Ith and no few dragons winging across the city. But it is the dragonkind that truly crowd the airways as they flit from building to building going about their daily lives.   


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