Perdition - Evil

  • Titles: Shaitan, Mordayne, Unholy One
  • Symbol: Red hand overtop a yellow moon

Perdition is the god of strength, evil, mayhem and disease. Perdition was killed by Neckroth and then restored to life by the necromancer Razune-Khazar. His temples are usually found in cities where despots lord over their people or in the wild tribal lands of his faithful. His worshipers are most numerous among the monstrous races of Korinth and include large numbers of orcs and goblinoids.  Perdition requires that his followers:

  • Harbor no compassion for the weak; enslave them and use them for your needs
  • Search out the faithful to Neckroth and kill them to the last
  • Sacrifice your body to the ravages of Perdition’s Touch and spread this gift to the world

Perdition’s Touch

Perdition’s Touch is a disease that many of Perdition’s faithful are hosts of but either their faith or luck keeps them safe from its ravages


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