In the beginning there there was nothing. He looked out upon nothing and was displeased. And so he spoke, and there was sound. Again He spoke, and there were jaaren. The Founders, the Ancient Ones, the Godless. He looked and was content.

- From the Lost Archives of the Eternal One

In the First Convocation, the jaaren gathered to ponder their existence. Here they concluded that they were created beings and, led by Annoch-Anol, they hatched a scheme to overthrow their Creator. For this first great betrayal they would need weapons, and thus was born Quin-Slon. A weapon made for the killing of gods, and those even greater even than gods.

Like all things that came about in those beginning times, Quin-Slon is a thing of primordial might and possessed of such ferocity as only came about then. With this sword gods can be killed, continents shattered, jaaren laid to waste, and even the Creator could be brought low. 


Quin-Slon is a mighty sword of five blades.  The outer two blades are brilliant silver in color, each the length of a shortsword. The two inner blades are golden, and the length of a longsword. The central blade is platinum and the length of a two-handed sword.


In the tumultuous times that followed Quin-Slon's creation, the blade has passed from the hands of the jaaren into the mortal world.

First it was found by the legendary emperor Handmrick Hawkmoon, who is also called Handmrick Eaglecrown. With the sword at his waist, and the Knights of the Triangle at his side, Handmrick carved out the Eaglecrown Empire and did war with the gods themselves. 

When Quin-Slon passed from Handmrick, it disappeared for countless years, resurfacing next in the wicked hands of Zalintar Blackclaw. With the aid of Quin-Slon, Zalintar ascended from his lowly birth as a gnoll, to become a mighty demonic lord and ruler of the Abyssal realm called the Smoldering Waste. Even such horrible creatures as Orcus and Demogorgon gave wide berth to the savage monster that wielded Quin-Slon. 

For many years Zalintar held onto Quin-Slon before it was stolen from him by Neckroth, who wielded Quin-Slon in his bid for dominance. Neckroth used Quin-Slon as it had been meant, to kill gods, and he clove through them as easily as a sharp knife slices bread. In his final battle with them, Neckroth was forced to use the most dire of the swords powers, shattering Quin-Slon into its parts and sending it spiraling out across the world.

The last time the blade was seen whole was once more in the hands of Zalintar, in the world of Elindra. Razune-Khazar's first Necromancer War was raging and the Battle of the Wall had just been won. Finally, after so long going unanswered, the gods of Elindra came to battle the upstarts that challenged them. Werradan came to kill Ungarul. In the titanic struggle that followed, Ungarul lost his eyes, earning him the title, "the Blind General," but Werradan lost everything when Zalintar slew him with Quin-Slon. Once more Quin-Slon sundered, its blades scattered now across two universes waiting to be found. 

Known Wielders

  • Handmrick Eaglecrown 
  • Zalintar Blackclaw
  • Rog of the Fel carried the central blade before losing it in a battle with Zalintar 
  • Silvaren of the Fel carried one of the inner blades before it was lost to mysterious circumstances
  • The kobold Treeth spirited away one of the outer blades when it turned up in the lands of Maaladorn 
  • Lycoperdon carried one of the inner blades for a time after it was recovered from an ancient tomb

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