Sakamaran - Neutral

  • Titles: the Guardian, the Great Mother, Lord of the Deep, the Sea God
  • Symbol: Trident with blades on both sides
  • Miracles: Sakamaran's Rebirth

Sakamaran (sock-uh-marr-in) is the lord of the deep and lays claim to everything beneath the waves of Korinth. He is worshiped as a peace-bringer by lizardfolk, a savage warmonger by sahuagin, and a terrible harbinger of doom by sea-faring peoples. Sakamaran makes his home in the deepest seas and seeks no dominion or power beyond the oceans. Regardless of the society, Sakamaran is pictured as a mighty kraken that dwarfs even the largest of those magnificent creatures. The clerics and priests faithful to Sakamaran are called eelis and paladins, avengers and other holy knights are called dread chitinous. Sakamaran's instructions vary from race-to-race and even amongst different clan's of a single race but some of the more common include: 

  • Honor the holy servants of Sakamaran be they of your blood or another 
  • Strength is to be sought
  • Time washes away all things

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