Sakamaran's Rebirth

Sakamaran's Rebirth

You call upon the might of glorious Sakamaran and recall the soul of a recently departed creature from the grip of death.

Level: 6

Component Cost: 500gp

Category: Restoration

Market Price: 680gp

Time: 8 hours

Key Skill: Heal (no check)

Duration: Instantaneous


To perform Sakamaran's Rebirth you must have the body of the creature to be resurrected.  That creature cannot have been dead for more than 12 hours prior to the time that this ritual begins.  You apply mystic salves and perform a holy dance and a series of chants and return the subject to life as if he or she had taken an extended rest.  The subject is freed of any temporary conditions suffered at death, but permanent conditions remain. 

The subject returns with a death penalty: –1 to all attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws, and ability checks. This death penalty fades after the subject reaches three milestones.

You can’t restore life to a creature that has been petrified or to a creature that died of old age.

The subject’s soul must be free and willing to return to life.  Some magical effects trap the soul and thus prevent Sakamaran's Rebirth from working, and the gods can intervene to prevent a soul from journeying back to the realm of the living.  In all cases, death is less inclined to return paragon and epic heroes; the component cost is 5,000gp for paragon tier characters and 50,000gp for epic tier characters.

Special: This ritual cannot be learned in the traditional fashion, it must be revealed by Sakamaran and the deity does this only for his most faithful eelis.  You should speak with your DM if you are interested in having Sakamaran reveal this ritual to you.


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