Squatting Ox - Tavern

The Squatting Ox is a three story inn on Sailor's Way in the Dock District. It is built about fifteen feet off the water, and enjoys a stunning view of the Artisan's District. The street outside is kept clean of clutter, but often crowded with sailors coming in off ships, merchants hawking their wares, or commoners hoping to catch a glimpse of the artisans as they come and go. Torres Abbey, a nunnery dedicated to Cheani, stands next door to the inn. 


The ground floor is given to a taproom and a number of private rooms for dining, drinking, and partying. A large common room fills much of the the second floor, along with a handful of small private rooms. Several large, expensive rooms take up the third floor. The water-facing rooms are most desired and can command several gold pieces a night. 

On the Menu

In addition to the standard fair that can be found anywhere, the Squatting Ox offers some exotic food and drink choices. 

  • Deep-Sea Eel 2gp/plate (a delicacy throughout Sindoon, deep-sea eel is said to have a rich, dulcet taste followed by a sudden but fleeting moment of brackishness) 
  • Stuffed Flarn 5sp/plate (flarn are a species of squid only found in the bay, they are stuffed with cheeses)
  • Vexstigian Ale 10gp/pint 

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