Sudac - Nov 1

The Festival of Sudac (soo-dock) celebrates the Day of Judgement, when mortals learn their ultimate fate. It is preceded by Sudac's Eve, where the Ferrymen who sail the Waters drift close to the mortal realm.

Traditions of the festival include: 

  • Constructing great wicker likenesses of the ia
  • Creation of small dolls called doughboys that will be "fed" to the ia or the bonfires
  • Preparing and burning of massive bonfires 
  • Dressing in costumes likened unto the deities of the pantheon 
  • Creating adamin made of colorful sweets to be consumed at dawn 
  • Carving faces into gourds and pumpkins that represent the faces of the dead that peer into the mortal realm form their place on the Ferryman's ship

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