The 1st Age of the World - In a time before time.

In a Time Before Time there was the Creator, who is called Tyr Alaxus. At this beginning, there existed no worlds, no stars, no people, no pain, no loneliness, no death: only the Creator. Into this nothingness Tyr-Alaxus brought the jaaren, the First Creations. Numbering just 333, these perfect beings knew heretofore unknown concepts such as life, love, and hate.

From the First Creations the Creator hid, and so they began life filled with questions. To answer these questions, Annoch-Anol, who would become the greatest of them, called together the First Convocation. Here they considered the nature of their existence and concluded they were created beings.

Unable to bear the thought of one greater than he, Annoch-Anol led the jaaren in insurrection. As one they came upon their Creator and made war with him. The very foundations of reality shook with the withering might of these greatest of beings. Hundreds of jaaren died, but the Creator was defeated. Yet so great was his power that he could not be destroyed, merely contained.

To hold him, the jaaren bored a hole in reality and into this oubliette cast the Creator, hoping beyond hope to never hear from him again. A vain hope indeed. Within the dark prison, the Creator was trapped but not helpless. For time uncounted, he raged against the prison, testing its every weakness. Around him, his anger began to take physical form, shaping itself into beings called the farol. A new life birthed of hatred and rage. 

With their maker forgotten, the jaaren existed in harmony until the fated moment when Enos-Allas slew his brother Delius-Ra in a fit of lustful anger. A ripple tore through the jaaren like a tidal wave. Never had such a possibility been considered, that jaaren would strike jaaren. Sides were drawn, factions arose. One believing in the sanctity of life, the other that the mighty must rule. War was inevitable. A few jaaren, Annoch-Anol amongst them, took no sides in this conflict. They fought viscously, until finally, after scores of jaaren had fallen, Annoch-Anol intervened, calling the survivors together into the Second Convocation.

In the Second Convocation it was shown that the farol, sly and devious in their ways, had come in secret and manipulated Enos-Allas. For this, the farol were cast into the pit with the Creator. But still the jaaren were not satisfied. Even locked away, the Creator had found a way to reach out to them. The prison was inadequate. The jaaren Iniis-Elan offered a most most devious solution. Create life. A new life. Mortal life. Weak, frail, and short lived. To this new life the Creator was to be bound. Living and dying eternally, never knowing his true nature, unable to struggle against his prison.

It was made so. Mortal worlds sprung into existence. The Creator, now called now the Eternal One, was doomed to a parade meaningless lives of ignorant mortality. Yet still the jaaren were displeased. Though the farol were dealt with, and the Creator imprisoned, there was the weakness of the jaaren that first led to the temptation of Enos-Allas. Emotion. As the Second Convocation closed, the jaaren expunged all emotion, good and evil alike, from their being. 

So ended the Time Before Time, called also the Age of the Godless, wherein mortal life was birthed, the Eternal One began a long imprisonment, and the jaaren vanished into myth and legend.  


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