The 2nd Age of the World - Age of Handmirck

As the First Creations became still, and gods began to emerge, mortals too evolved. The first of a long line of heroes was born, lived, and died; only to be followed by the second, third, and on and on. Occasionally, the divine energies of the jaaren glommed onto these great mortals, transforming them into gods. With the heroes, so too arose the first great civilizations. Nations formed, conquered, and spread their influence across the world. Borders were drawn, wars raged. 

Unlike the jaaren, the gods were not content to ignore mortals. Endlessly they dabbled and interfered in the lives of these lesser beings. Around them arose great religions. Holy wars erupted. 

This was the world into which Handmrick Eaglecrown was born. Son of a goddess and a mortal, Handmrick was determined to bring calm from the war, chaos, and bloodshed all around him. He called to him the greatest heroes of the time, and formed the Knights of the Triangle. With these legendary warriors he first tamed the mortal world. From the wilderness he claimed a kingdom, and transformed that kingdom into the mightiest empire that has ever been seen. In the days of Handmrick, the Eaglecrown Empire stretched from horizon to horizon and its explorers pushed further than any time before or since. 

Next he turned his attention to the gods the gods. He demanded a quiet of them, a calm. Some, led by evil Dezlak, pitted themselves aginst him. Undaunted, Handmrick met them as he did all his enemies – with sword, shield and wit. War unlike anything seen before embroiled mortal lands, but when it was finished Handmrick remained. Certainly he could have ascended to divinity, and claimed his place eternal amongst the surviving deities, but instead he chose to leave the world as a mortal does, old and gray. 

The Eaglecrown Empire survived for thousands of years after the death of Handmrick, and even today vestiges of its magnificence can be found throughout the lands. 



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